• If you start a set, you have to finish collecting it.
  • If you lose interest, please let us know and it will be released again.
  • The stamps must be collected in order (from 1 upwards).
  • You may order from 2 normal sets, 1 special and 1 event set at the same time.
  • You may order 4 normal stamps and the number of event & special stamps specified in the set.
  • You may collect several event and special sets at the same time.
  • With normal sets, however, you may only have a maximum of 3 sets open before you start a new one.
  • You will automatically receive the Full Stamp as soon as you order the last stamp of a set.
  • You may only order again once you have received the stamps you ordered and linked them on your website
  • You are welcome to use the "preview buttons" on your website
  • If you have not received your stamps within 2 weeks, please ask if your order has arrived.


Bishounen Bishoujo Marry Pokégotchis