Cyberstamp Rules

» You need a homepage to show your collected Cyberstamps
» Please link back to ''
» Before you place your first order, please register as a collector
» You have to show your stamps on your homepage before you order new ones
» If you start collecting a set you have to finish it
» Please start collecting with stamp nr. one of every set
» Keep an eye on the information you find on every Cyberstamp-Set page
» It's possible to collect 3 different sets at the same time (exclude some chosen sets)
» You can request up to 3 stamps with every order
» I'm going to send you Fullstamps and Tickets automatically so you don't have to order them
» Everyone who doesn't place an order for 6 months will be deleted or let me know you if you need a break and I'm
  going to set your status on 'hiatus'

Please keep in mind...
... I'm just a human being having life, family, friends, interests and everything goes along with it. So please don't be mad at me if I need a little longer to handle your order and keep the news for information in sight. Generally I try to send you the stamps within a week or (if I'm up to my ears in work) it can take up to 21 days. Please understand that.

Rules read? Then please write Manjiro in the password field in the register form.